La Habanita
(Alfalfa - c/Golfo)
A large selection of vegetarian dishes, including my favorite frijoles con arroz. Fried yucca, ropa vieja (contains meat) and other Cuban plates as well as Cuban drinks are worth a try. They are one of the few places to also offer vegan dishes. All vegetarian and vegan dishes are clearly marked which makes it easy to choose from. Desserts are great, too. While located just off the often rowdy street of Sopa de Ganso, they are tucked away in a little plaza which makes it a quiet little spot.

Jalea Real - Bar Vegetariano
(Santa Catalina - c/Santa Angela de la Cruz, 34
Just down the street from the convent is a great vegetarian bar - and it's vegetarian only! Look for the sky blue front with ceramic tiles featuring herbs and vegetables. A number of cold tapas and salads are available as tapas. More food available in platos or the menu del dia. I've only been once but we had a great meal. Space at the bar or plenty of seating in the dining room. A number of homemade pastries are available for dessert. Economically priced.

La Mandrágora
(Arenal - c/Albuera, 11)
I've yet to eat here so I can't offer much. Just that they advertise offering cooking with organic and natural ingredients. Have heard from others that it's a great place to go for original vegetarian cooking.

La Huerta
(Santa Catalina - Plaza de los Terceros)
Just over a year old and just down the street from my apartment. Lots of outdoor seating and very friendly owners. They offer some nice alternatives to the normal tapas you find here. The tabla de patatas comes with three amazing sauces. They do serve meat, but have a lot of vegetarian friendly dishes. Tapa's range from 1,75-2,50€. Some of my favorites:

  • tabla de patatas con 3 salsas (roast potatoes with 3 dipping sauces)
  • tabla de verduras (grilled vegetable plate)
  • quiche de puerros (leak quiche)
  • espinacas con garbanzos (stewed spinach with garbanzos)

El Refugio
(Alfalfa - c/Herbolarios)
All good things come to an end, and while we hoped they were just renovating the place it looks like it has changed ownership. Gone are the carañacas and with it their secret recipe and the collection of keychains hanging on the wall (I never got to add mine!). The new place is decent and they offer some vegetarian dishes along with grilled meats. They also serve up quesadillas the way you may think of them back home - not in a cazuela but between two pieces of flour tortilla. Try the parillada for a mixed grill of two types of sausage, two kinds of beef and chicken.

Ajo Blanco
(Santa Catalina - c/Alhóndiga 19)
A little alternative in atmosphere, with papered walls including slogans and graffiti from anyone who passes through. Jazz and Feria posters hang here as well. Music varies from rock to light jazz. Small number of tables and some space at the bar to eat. Some dishes have an interesting Mexican twist to them, all offered with a great hot sauce on the side - you'll be warned la salsa pica! Prices range from 1.80-4€ per tapa. Some vegetarian friendly dishes include

  • tejano - beans only on request (corn tortilla with beans and cheese)
  • tarta vegetal con queso azul (vegetable "cake" with blue cheese)
  • ensalada de cous cous (cous cous salad)

Döner Kebab
(Torneo - c/Torneo, 3)
(Torneo - c/Avicena, 5, near Puente de la Barqueta)

Another fast-food type joint, but this one's from Egypt. They offer a ton of great vegetarian stuff as well. Falafel, tabouli, humus (however you spell it), rice, pizzas and more. Desserts include baklava and other goodies. It's just like the places back home and thank whoever that they're in Sevilla!

Cafe Bar Jerusalem
(Triana - c/Salado)

Offering shoarmas in their many forms, this is a place for middle-eastern and kosher food. They offer meat in some dishes, but have plenty of vegetarian food to choose from as well. Plus you can eat kosher!

(Puerta de La Carne/Barrio Santa Cruz - c/P° Catalina de Ribera, 4)
(Torneo - c/Avicena, 5, near Puente de la Barqueta)

Vegetarian and ecological (ie: organic) so it doesn't get much better than this. On the edge of Barrio Santa Cruz they're serving up plenty of vegetarian dishes, some with a little international touch. Meat is served as well. Whole grain bread, herbal tea and a whole host of other goodies, too. The store they have inside also offers organic vegetables, eggs, cheeses and yogurt.

La Ilustre Victima
(Alameda - c/ Doctor Letamnedi, 31)

Specializing in internaional and vegetarian dishes they have a large menu. Middle-eastern spcialties include cous cous and shoarmas. Some outdoor seating in the warmer months but plenty of seating inside as well. A decent bar de copas at night, too.

La Rucola
(Triana - c/Torrijos, 1A)

A lot of international dishes and plenty of vegetarian friendly food to be sampled as well. Original salads, sushi, morrocan dishes and foods from other countries make it a favorite in Triana for those seakking alternative cuisine.