Fast Food and Chain Restaurants


(Centro - Campana, 5)
(Centro - Plaza de Armas - Mall)
(Los Remedios - Republica Argentina, 25
(Puerta Jerez - Paseo de las Delicias, 5
Big Mac, quarter-pounder with cheese,'s all here except breakfast. Amazingly it all tastes exactly the same as back home, too. If you want breakfast at a McDonald's in Europe you have to head north, as in Germany and the UK.

Pizza Hut
(Centro - Reyes Catolicos)
(Nervión - c/Luis de Morales, 20)
(Los Remedios - Avda Republica Argentina, 3)
(Los Remedios - Avda Carrero Blanco, 26)
( - Rda Capuchinos, 3)
Pizza!! A few spanish takes on the otherwise American chain menu.

Burger King
(Centro - Campana)
(Centro - Reyes Catolicos)
(Nervión - c/Canal Ronda del Tamarguillo)
(Nervión - c/Luis Montoto)
(Santa Justa - Avda de Kansas City, close to train station)

The Whopper, hamburgers, fries and onion rings. As with McDonald's it's all here and it all tastes the same, although to me the Whopper seems smaller. In February they opened their newest location in La Campana next door to McDonald's.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
(Centro - Reyes Catolicos)
Just opened in October of 2003 it's the newest American fast food restaurant to come to Sevilla. The menu is pretty much the same as it is in the States - chicken meals, buckets of chicken and side dishes. They do offer two "burgers", which are really chicken sandwiches. Well located and with a good amount of outdoor seating when it's warm.

Pans & Company
Plaza de Armas - Mall
Nervión Plaza - Mall

When Subway left Sevilla some years ago Pans & Company took over as the chain sandwich restaurant. Offering about 20 subs or bocadillos on some chewy bread they have a few international sandwiches along with their take on traditional Spanish bocadillos. Many locations in the center and elsewhere make it a fast food alternative with (in some cases) less grease.

Sloppy Joe's (4 locations)
(Los Remedios - c/Asuncion, 62)
(c/ Periodista Ramón Resa, 2)
(Camilo José Cela, Manzana 5, Local B5)
(Avda Ciencias, 59 Edificio Compostela B8, 6 Local)

My main complaint is that there's no location in the center! They offer pizza, burgers, fries, chicken wings and salads: American style with a Spanish touch. They also offer "sandwishes", which I believe is just a typo in their ad. Any of the burgers are great except Viejo Sloppy Joe's. I'm not sure what's in this other than hamburger, but it's a mushy mass of meat with some kind of sauce and it just ain't a burger! The rest are good. Choose from 20 some pizzas, Spanish and Mexican versions included. Some pizzas are missing tomato sauce, or they use little. But I don't know why I'm complaining because the food is really good! Chef salad with blue cheese dressing is pretty darn close to what you'd get back home. Home delivery is quick - look for the guys on the motos with the Sloppy Joe's box on the back!

(Many, many locations)

About the only reason to eat Telepizza is if you want home delivery. The pizza isn't that bad, but in comparison to just about any other option it comes out below. They do deliver just about anywhere and offer salads and other sandwiches along with pizza. You'll see these guys zipping around town on motos just about every night.

Döner Kebab
(Torneo - c/Torneo, 3)
(Torneo - c/Avicena, 5, near Puente de la Barqueta)

Another fast-food type joint, but this one's from Egypt. They offer a ton of great stuff, at least in my book. Falafel, tabouli, humus (however you spell it), many kebabs, gyros, rice, pizzas and more. Desserts include baklava and other goodies. It's just like the places back home and thank whoever that they're in Sevilla.